Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Most Beautiful Thing


I know I'm late by a day. Yesterday was the day to post your  Most Beautiful Thing 

 Yesterday, I was struggling to find the right words to express my Most Beautiful Thing. No words seemed good enough or powerful enough to convey the emotions within me. Enumeration of actions, deeds could be accomplished through language, but the underlying emotions and feelings got watered down. Still, I wanted to try...and here it is, I've raked out the gems of memory, ensconced in joy and gratitude, strung them on a strand of words and here's my precious  jewel. 

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Roshan said...

unrelated to this post, but gotta say : loved the blog template and the title look for each post.. was just wondering.. if your sidebar splits into two, cant u still place "MY BLOGLIST" as one piece rather than just utilising half the sidebar.. I just feel it would make it more perfect and less "smashed"..