Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Day After (Stone # 13)

The Day After-Feb 10th

The wedding is over
The Day after is also gone
The bride has left
All that remains is the withered festoon
and some scattered rice and turmeric on the floor...

Reading the above, I stopped short! I went back to look at my stones...and there in almost every single stone, 'I' loomed large! It was all about me...I was hardly 'invisible'. My writing has always been about laying myself bare!! Where do I conceal myself as I look, listen and perceive? Interesting, challenging...)


Anonymous said...

Hey...This is indeed a great idea...Is it still continuing? I want to try it too.

I hope my pics were the inspiration for this one! :D

Ardra said...

Actually they had it through the month of Jan, but one can start anytime and go on for a month or may be even more...
have a look at :

Jyothi, Much as I would've liked to say Yes, but actually there had been a wedding in our apartment, and the 'pandal' downstairs has dried up, yet not been removed! :-)