Saturday, January 01, 2005

Scholastic Lullabies..

The following lines, I had scribbled during one of the less interesting classes in college, when sometimes, after lunch time, it was difficult to stay awake, and I would try to write/ draw something, jus so that I did not fall-bang -on to the desk. I had this other habit of tickling my nose with a safety pin and then produce this monstrous, most unlady like sneeze, my friends who were very encouraging in tapping my talents in this area, would often beg me to give a performance, and I would obediently oblige – and as most of us were almost into snoooozedom, I would come up with this violent ACCCHHHHHHOOOOOOO! Everybody would be jolted awake, and I would sit there grinning sheepishly albeit with a little pink tinged cheeks- the exertion and the embarrassment coupled!

Fingers of mine
They fidget languidly
My eyes, they droop
A strain to keep them open
Glad am I to hide behind my specs!

The sir, he sings
A monotonous song
A word here, a word there
My dormant brain picks up
No sense they make
Dryden, Horace-all Greek and Latin
Oh! To close my eyes
And recline in blissful slumber!

I jot down random words
Simply to keep myself awake
The words that I pen
Just jumbled nonsense
But yes,I manage to keep awake-

Oh! To hear the musical note of the wretched bell!
My poor ears yearn to hear
They have been tormented long enough
The long drawn out drone
Lulling me to sleepEvery second- an age
The wretched time crawls miserablyTime-
always a fickle pal
Zips past when u wish it would tarry
Creeps and crawls when u wish it would fly
My brain is dead
The words just a scribble
Resembling some obsolete script
My pen threatens to slip
From my fingers-Zzzzzzzzzzzz

Wha! What was that??
A Blessed soundShakes my torpor
Yippee! The Bell atlast!
A more welcome sound I have not heard
My eyes blink awakeI sit up straight
Fully alert mode now-

A few moments respite
Before the next lullaby!

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