Thursday, January 20, 2005

Life- Beyond reasoning and Logic

Below is a quote that I picked up from somewhere-

The ability to think and to reason is a gift that truly is priceless and can bring untold value to those who make use of it. There is far more to life than just reason.
Love is often altogether without reason. Life would be empty without love. Beauty exists apart from reason. One cannot live with reason alone. Greatest accomplishments flow from the mind and from the heart. Real, profound fulfillment encompasses not only mind and body, but soul and spirit also.
Reason can bring us great and powerful understanding and that includes the understanding that some of the most wonderful things in life , though they can indeed be known cannot be understood.
Ralph Marston.


Yet another quote that I picked up from somewhere- I think , I read it in Malayalam and then translated it.

The Dewdrop- reclining on the delicate petal, yet it yearns to return to the skies- the place from whence it had come- the beauty around attracts it not- it reflects the million colors in the sun- the reflection of the firmament!The limits of its beloved Eternity- how it glistens! Tears of remorse? Finally, the Sun overcome by pity, transforms the forlorn dewdrop into vapor by its heat and the dewdrop returns to its place of birth.

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