Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Echoes of Silence

Words that we speak are mere sounds, it is those that remain unspoken-those that lie just within the lips, just outside the heart-the loud silences in between. The pregnant pauses that resound with emotions, feelings- I can hear and understand the sounds of your silences- can you understand mine?

Is the Past dead and gone?

They say the past is never gone, the truth remains, but where? If todays truth is different from yesterdays then doesnt yesterdays truth lose its relevance with relation to today? And if tomorrow, new truths are to emerge, then why did yesterday and today happen?I read somewhere:Everything is beautiful for a time.Somethings have greater meaning in a lifetime, what they become later doesnt always matter much. Learn to hold the moment-not to seize an entire life.

Beyond the Horizon-

Words will never suffice, and after all what are words? Mere sounds, signifiers, phonetics. So how can myriads of emotions/ thoughts /feelings/ experiences be caged in groups of alphabets?When a bond has no label, name, no compartment to be boxed in, no boundaries, no definitions, no expectations , then is it not a liberating, rejuvenating experience? If a relationship were to be chained by a name, bound within a definition, then wont a boredom/ stagnation set in at some point of time? Wont there be a limit/ an ultimate point beyond which it can grow no more? But when there is no burden of a name/ label to a relationship, the scope is endless, there is a freshness, an exuberance, a promise- a sense of eternity-the horizon is always beyond-

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Akruti said...

Nothing matters more thansilence i guess,if everything could be expressed in words then there is no relevance of that golden silence,those expressions,those eyes saying it all,words r just hollow,fake at times.
If only relationship can be beyond a name then nothing like that,and its not impossible also but i guess we need two ppl of same level of understanding to reach the point,where no complaints,no cirlces and no limitations:)
Hi,u put in u r presence to my blog but dint know much abt u but see,i located u:)
very well written post,and beyond that i ahve no words to say:) keep in touch.
and ya,a happy new year to u