Saturday, November 15, 2014


While I’ve been singing paeans to Solitude and how much I craved solitude, how I cherished my space and ‘me time’, how I resented intrusions into my space and time. I defended my right to my space and time indignantly, vociferously  and not content, I wanted to shout myself hoarse from the roof tops…until….
One night, it dawned on me ( ironically) , that solitude was a luxury that could be enjoyed when one knew that one had people around, relatives, friends, acquaintances…just a call ( not the digital kind) away. When one had nobody then the same space and solitude would be oppressing and gnaw the insides of the soul.
When I realised this important detail, I decided to be more respectful of the people around me, more tolerant of the cramped spaces and appreciate the relevance of their presence which made solitude an enjoyable experience to be savoured if and when it becomes available.  .