Thursday, June 09, 2011

Not on Talking terms...

We are not on talking terms anymore. We don't even run into each other any where. I've no idea where she is. We are not in touch.
When did she stop talking? Or was it that I stopped listening? Or perhaps she did call, and I did not hear her voice above the din? I hadn't even noticed the silence...until today.
Today, somebody asked me about her. I started to say something and stopped short. I had nothing to say, I did not know what to say. Did I leave her behind or did she race ahead?
Coming to think of it, I did have this vague awareness of being alone, of the silence.
Where do I look for her? Even if we do happen to meet again, would we recognise each other, would we able to resume from where we left off?

I miss you Ardra...