Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scouring for stones...

Had been on vacation to a hamlet in Kerala- South India. Its a beautiful place with greenery, birds, insects, even slithery reptiles- nature in all its splendour. 
I was thinking, that once I came here, there would be stones and rocks all around just waiting to be picked. 
I stepped into the garden, pen and paper in hand,senses on high alert waiting for the elusive stone. Nature was romping about in all its glory, birds twittered, devotional songs wafted down from the neighbouring temple 
and still no stone, not even gravel met my roving eye.
My son came by,  gave me a long, hard look. He stepped out, fished out a nice, round, shiny pebble from the ground, handed it over to me. "Here's your stone for the day", he chuckled, eyes glinting with mischief!