Friday, May 20, 2011


Is it really a year that has passed by? Wasn’t it just the other day? How did we manage to cross this one year? It had felt insurmountable then.

A long drawn year, each day heavier than the last has passed by. Another Ulsavam- Temple festival came by and went.  There was the shamiana in the temple precincts, the stage was decorated, the concerts took place, the crowd was there, and we were in the crowd.  The awareness of a certain absence loomed large in the consciousness, sometimes feeling like a thick, unwieldy slick and sometimes like waking up with a start from a horrible nightmare.

They’ve named the street where her home stands, after her. The silence, the emptiness, reverberated with her absence. Every unspoken word was laden with memories.  Walking through her home, touching the wall, the vessels in her kitchen, the shelves, a forlorn hair clip, one sought her presence in vain.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Blog trail...

I sometimes drop onto other blogger stops and find myself caught in an enchanting web of slices of life.
Today, I first landed  Here , from there, I found myself  here and then stumbled into  This.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Writing Exercise.

Ever since I joined the 'River of stones' project, and have been attempting to write crisp , compact 3-4 lines on anything that catches my eyes/ ears, thoughts, I suspect  that I'm no longer able to churn out long winded sentences. This last sentence has to be the longest in a long time. My last post, I had composed like a poem and then I simply deleted the spaces in between and tweaked it a bit here and there to make it prose! I've forgotten how to weave words into prosaic sentences. Every thought now comes abridged , whether it qualifies to be labelled poetry is another matter.

This post is actually an exercise to see if I'm still able to coin sentences.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Scouring for stones...

Had been on vacation to a hamlet in Kerala- South India. Its a beautiful place with greenery, birds, insects, even slithery reptiles- nature in all its splendour. 
I was thinking, that once I came here, there would be stones and rocks all around just waiting to be picked. 
I stepped into the garden, pen and paper in hand,senses on high alert waiting for the elusive stone. Nature was romping about in all its glory, birds twittered, devotional songs wafted down from the neighbouring temple 
and still no stone, not even gravel met my roving eye.
My son came by,  gave me a long, hard look. He stepped out, fished out a nice, round, shiny pebble from the ground, handed it over to me. "Here's your stone for the day", he chuckled, eyes glinting with mischief!

New stones...

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Stones  54,