Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stones #2, #3, #4

January 30 Stone #2

Flitting glances

I remember to look again, my hands stop in mid air
 as I set aside the vessels...I look outside the kitchen window. 
The setting sun shedding its glistening rays through the trees. 
A gecko crawling against the wall, its tail a grotesque lump, 
this unfortunate lizard has been giving me company 
in the kitchen for many months now. 
I've often wondered why its tail never grew back.
 Or perhaps it did, just that it grew into this shapeless lump? 
I was looking at one thing but this gecko distracted me...

January 31 Stone # 3

Blood and Gore

Two spots of blood on the wall!
 Two spots of blood on the wall of the room- in the hospital.
 She is sprawled on the bed next to the wall. 
She has not seen the blood spots on the wall. 
I keep looking at the spots.
 I feel uneasy. 
I find myself thinking about the story 
behind the blood spots... 

February 1st. Stone # 4

Looking or Seeing?

Paying attention to One Thing?
 I look at one thing, 
a hundred thoughts come traipsing in
 through the window of my eyes into my mind. 
I begin at one point an end up elsewhere. 
Sometimes the eyes, they perform 
the biological function of looking 
but seeing happens with my mind, 
and sometimes the thought falls 
deeper into the soul.  
The thoughts get stirred in words and language
 and the clamour of mute voices silence the world outside.
 Then they die an unknown death 
without having sought to be expressed ...
I keep looking without seeing...

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P.R said...

looks like picking words from air!