Monday, February 14, 2011

Experiencing Entertainment Theatre...

Yesterday, after a long time, I experienced Theatre once again. The last time was several years ago in Bombay when I was a child. 

Our Womens' Forum, ( The Aura-) of which I'm a member, conducts monthly workshops and speaker meetings for the members dealing with various themes. Apart from these, we also have a few public events. 

So this February it was Theatre that was brought to the temple town of Trichy. A contemporary English play- ‘Five Point Someone’ (based on the novel by the same name by Chetan Bhagat), by the popular and well-established theatre company –EVAM, from Chennai, . They are a professional group who conduct workshops in theatre, produce plays that has entertained millions of theatre buffs all over the world and who offer workspace for those who love to work in this genre of art.

I was looking forward to the event and was predisposed  to enjoy whatever was offered. I had of course read the book, seen the movie, but more than that it was the prospect of experiencing live theatre that was exciting. 
The experience was pretty rewarding and I liked  the treatment and presentation of the play. Stage paraphernalia was minimal, uncluttered and yet effective. The actors were excellent. About the story, much has been said and I've nothing to add. However, if I had to nitpick, it would be about the audibility over the microphones of a couple of the actors which was soon rectified. 
After the play was over, the entire cast and crew introduced themselves to the audience in a very endearing and informal manner. The team of unpretentious youngsters, their enthusiasm and spontaneity was charming and infectious.  Evam's mission is to entertain and to de-stress and that they accomplish effortlessly! We came away entertained and smiling. 

Wishing them success and accolades in their mission to make the world Happier!

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watched the same play some years back when they came to bangalore. Evam is a very good group.