Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Musical Nostalgia...

 This post is inspired by Mad Momma’s post

During the late 70’s- 80’s,  I used to live with my parents in Dubai. They used to broadcast Hindi movies on TV on Wednesday nights I think. In the beginning, we used to go to sleep and then wake up in time for the movie because it began late into the night.  We used to valiantly stay up to watch unheard of movies. On Wednesday nights it was in Dubai channel, on Friday afternoons- Abudhabi. 

Later on when we bought a video player, we used to set the timer to record the late night movie and then watch it during the day with the added luxury of fast forwarding the commercials. Amma used to record songs that she liked from these movies,in audio cassettes. Needless to say, many of those songs linger in my memory and I still have some of those cassettes with me though the audio quality is not too good any more. 

After reading MM’s blog today, I was reminded of those songs and I googled for them on the net. I had a tough time tracing  a few of these, because most of them I could remember only the tune and    some random lines from the middle of the song. I had no inkling of the movie name and for some I could only recollect the actor's or actress's name! 

1.I don’t remember much of the movie,just that it starred Rakhee, Rajendra Kumar. I found the melody endearing. Been a long time since I heard it.

Tum mere ho mere siva kisi ki nahin khaati hun kasam- Aan Baan- ’72

2.This song, I can still see Reena Roy in my mind’s eye…but I had forgotten it was Badaltey Rishtey. 
mere saasonko jo mehka rahi hai- Badaltey Rishtey- '78

3.This one they showed it umpteen times on TV and each time I watched it faithfully- all for Shashi Kapoor. However I don’t remember the storyline at all. When I saw Shashi Kapoor on T.V recently I broke down.

Fakira chal chala chal- Fakira '76

4.A favourite movie of mine. I love Jaya and in this movie I liked Jeetendra also. I love everything about this movie. This particular song, because my mother recorded it from the movie, Sanjeev is singing on the balcony- in between he is interrupted by his father- Pran , and Sanjeev Kumar utters ‘Babuji’ in his half choked voice…I can still hear it in my mind.

mitwa bole meethe bain- Parichay  ‘ 72

link for 2 songs : Musafir hoon yaaron, Mitwa bole meethe bain:

5.This movie, I do not remember much, I think it has Rakesh Roshan, Lakshmi( Julie fame) in the lead roles. Amma had recorded 3-4 songs from the movie. 

Aangan ki kali -‘ 79

6.I remember nothing of this movie- except that Rakesh Roshan  is moustache-less and the heroine is Rakhee.

Do baatein pyaar bhari kar loon... Aakhon aakhon main: ‘ 72

7.I liked this movie so much those days that I saw it again and again…I like Pareekshit Sahni.

 Tapasya- ‘75

8.I was unable to find a link for this song, after much effort I managed to get the name of the movie- I had to trace it from lines that I remembered from the middle of the song. It stars Zareena Wahab, Vikram and Rakesh Roshan. 

 Jiska man ho prem ka darpan - Raezaada- '76
(ok, I'm daring to do this- just the bit I remember:)

Raeszaada | Upload Music

9.This one, I don’t remember the name of the movie, nor was I able to google it. I just remember that it starred Shatrughan Sinha.  I’m not too sure if the following lines is the beginning of the song either- but I remember the tune very well.

Do phool zindagi ke haskar yahaan mile the- sajna yeh woh jagah hai...

Aah, I enjoyed this trek down memory lane…and I’m happy that I’m posting something on my blog page…Thank you MM.

Update: just had to add these haunting melodies from 2 more movies; 

10.Palkon ki chhaon mein- '77, starring Hema, Jeetendra (guest appearance), Rajesh Khanna:

Dakiya dak laaya


Koi mere maathe ki bindiya sajaa de re...


11. Aayegi zaroor chitthi mere naam ki- Dulhan '74:( Hema, Jeetendra)