Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm feeling a sense of loss, a sense of hopelessness, of having reached a dead end- why? Because I've finished with the book I was reading. This is how I feel every time I finish a book. This time it was Paulo Coelho's "Veronica decides to die". I had been hearing about this book for some time now and was waiting to read it. A dear friend gifted it to me and I pounced on it right away. The feeling of euphoria lingered during every waking moment , and as I neared the end, I wanted to prolong the effect but Alas, its over...

I liked the book, but I liked "Eleven minutes" better.

I've got a job- and I'm enjoying it. But yes, it keeps me very busy with hardly any time for blog hopping.

I've been wanting to mention 'our songs'- a tag that I saw doing the rounds here.
Our songs are:
Dil tadap ke keh raha hai- Madhumati
Tere mer milan ki yeh raina- Abhimaan
Raaga devanum, Naada kanyayum ( Chamayam-Malayalam)

And the gibberish words I used to( I still do sometiems) call my sons:

Shonna vaava, vaava thutti, chanda kutti, chunglani kolomonas, dikkirivaale shodalge, kannaa, chakkara kutti, thulik. ( Plain gibberish)

ammade kannale, mutthalle, paalalle, thenalle, venna alle, sharkara alle, ayyo urumbarikkyum.( momma's sweet meats- gosh- the ants will come crawling...)

And with these words I remerge out of the frozen cocoon yet again...


Hip Grandma said...

Welcome back.I was wondering what happened to you.How was Dossera?A Happy Deepavali in advance.

MM said...

good to see ya back, ardra!
somehow i didnt like either eleven minutes or veronic decides to die. weird, but i hv quit reading coelho since!

do read the kite runner if u havent already, btw!

gud day!


Bishwanath Ghosh said...

Glad about your re-emergence! :) You are one of the few sensitive writers.

I love the title of your blog: wish I had it. Only that life moves too fast these days to muse in the twilight. Still, there is something magical about that hour. In the north, they call it 'godhuli' -- or the cow-dust hour.

divya said...

thanks....thats so sweet!!

Anil P said...

The songs, hmmm. Who can forget them!