Monday, August 20, 2007

First the switch on my cpu doesn't work- that is sorted out and then the modem conks out- I call the bsnl - bharath sanchar nigam ltd- a lady talks to me like I were mentally retarded becos I keep insisting that I've n't messed up the connections. Anyways, after two days, that also gets righted and life is smooth sailing once again.

My joy at having a mobile library van drive into the premises was incredibly shortlived- first the librarian was not granted permission into our colony after the first 2 -3 weeks of celebration,then we were inforned that he would continue to come to a neighbouring area and me and a friend would very religiously plod our way once a week to get our weekly quota. Soon that too stopped. The librarian was down with a severe case of jaundice- followed by surgery and then bed rest! How can I be blamed if my superstitious nature resurfaces again now?

But then a friend of mine- from PWC days- she is still in calicut- sends me 6 books- though a staff who had come here officially. She also promised me that she would continue to send books to me via this staff, and I could return the same after reading them. It seemed a very delightful proposition. And tho I was very wary abt expressing my delight , joy and exhilaration, fearing the 'evil eye' , I now get to hear that the company here which reqd my friends' official assistance would soon discontinue their allegiance and they would no longer require to come to Trichy!

Anyways, until then for now, I've 6 books to devour- seeing 6 books together got me a trifle delirious- I was in a quandary as to where to start with...I chose Raja Rao's Kanthapura- but was unable to trudge beyond a few pages- found it a bit tedious, confusing with too many details and too many characters. Generally I hate to stop any book midway and I make it a point to finish a book however boring I may find it . This time however the sight of 5 other books was too tempting and so I went on to Paulo Coelho's 'The Zahir"- and I'm enjoying it...

I'm looking fwd to Khaled Hossaeini's 'A thousand Splendid suns' next- have been hearing a lot abt it.
Meanwhile got hold of 'The namesake'- found it very involving while reading it but once I finished with it- I was thinking on the lines- of 'thats it?'

Onam is around the corner. Achhan and amma will be coming to visit us.