Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The sand is trickling...

When one is younger, one looks at each passing day with eager anticipation, one can’t wait to grow up. Milestones to be passed, thresholds to be crossed.

However, I now perceive each passing day/ weekend differently. I’m aware of passing time, years, like the slipping of sand from between my fingers. While I cannot say that I’m petrified, I must admit that I’m anxious about impending separations, coping with crises. And while I know that Life is all about the Here and Now, I realise that I’ve to take effort to shrug away the fears, the uncertainties of the Future.

I do not dwell upon such thoughts, but neither can I dissociate completely from the concept of mortality and the futility of everything. The idea remains as a backdrop in my consciousness. I admit that though this constant awareness does not dilute the essence of my present, yet I do feel a certain disenchantment at some level.


Anonymous said...

Ardra, we all do. It is a sign of maturity.

Anonymous said...

Ardra, just let life move along. THe discovery shall come by itself... :)

Ardra, wish you a great merry Christmas and a warm prosperous new year.!!

With Best Regards,

paddy said...

as a youngster i often think how elders percieve time . i always felt there was some difference in how i plan things and how more mature people do . but it seems that no matter how old one grows , time alwqays puzzles everyone .

Anonymous said...

Off topic - Template is very nice, Ardra.