Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My sons’ room is always in a state of mess- and whenever I enter their room they go into panic mode. The bed would be littered with books, clothes- the floor strewn with bags, papers- their desk is a treasure trove. Sometimes when I tell them to tidy up they just push things under the bed. Yesterday as I sashayed into their room, both of them ran after me- and pointed to the door- there was this hand made poster stuck to it which said

NO MOMS ALLOWED-(* esp Moms with sharp canines)

* an allusion to my Dracula tooth


Full2 Faltu said...

Thats Funny!

My mom use to make me clean the house and it was a bigggggggggggggg task.

But we did not haev our own room so no probs keeping it clean.


yet another1 said...

LOL! Good one!


Anonymous said...

Heh! Nice try on their part!! Did you still go in? I would, if I were you - to see what it was that they were trying to keep me away from :D

Chet said...

I like this post. If it wasn't for kids what would we do. My granddaughter several years ago, did about the same thing. I remember the sign said something like, No adults allowed. Kids can come up with some good ones.