Monday, October 23, 2006

My Blogging style?

What is your basic writing style?

I’m not sure if I have a writing style. I just use language to express my thoughts or sometimes lack of thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions.

What do you tend to express best?

Emotions. Feelings?

What do you find hard to accomplish ?

Post on a daily basis. I get stuck many times. I wish to write more often, not just here but also on my
Creative Dabbles page.

How long do you take over compiling a post?

That depends on my mood, motivation and what I’ve to say. When I’m inspired, I do it in a matter of minutes, the words just tumble out in a hurry to escape. I don’t attempt if I don’t feel like it. Of late, I feel my thoughts and words have become repetititve.

Do you feel the urge to make a post everyday or atleast every other day, because you enjoy blogging or do you post only when there is something definite to say?

I wish I could post something interesting every other day atleast. I feel incomplete if I don’t post . I don’t post necessarily to say something specific. Its more a result of some strong feeling, thought and when my mind is empty of thoughts it shows in my posts too.

Do you work on multiple posts at a time saved as drafts or do you work single mindedly from post to post.?

No, I don’t work on multiple posts- except when I used to post a series on my childhood memories ,
Hostel life and then a few movie stories that I posted in episodes. For thes, I used to compile the matter at one go and then post them one after the other. I remember how I could hardly wait for the next day to post the next episode.

Any particular time of day or night that you generally post during? While at work or from home?

During the day, after I finish the chores around my home. I post from home.

Has blogging helped you in any way? If so how?

Oh yes, Blogging has helped in more than one way. I have enjoyed translating my thoughts into words and then having it out here on the net . It has given me a sense of satisfaction, it has introduced me to many nice people and I’ve made many friends this way. It has given me glimpses into varied ideas, perspectives, experiences. I’ve enjoyed marveling the writing skill of some of the bloggers- their writing style, skill over the language, sense of humour.

How long have you been blogging?

I first started blogging in Sulekha in June 2003. I started recording my thoughts on Twilight Musings in December 2004.

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