Thursday, October 12, 2006

I was tagged by Aalapana many days ago, but being busy cud not get down to this earlier. Compiling this one was difficult because one has too many favourites. However enjoyed doing this one.

Your favourite lyricist and the lyrics you remember the most:


Haath chhoote bhi to rishte nahin choda karte
Waqt ki shakh se lamhein nahin toda karte…
( Maraasim- Jagjit Singh)

Your favourite song on friendship

Tho this song was not about Friendship, a very dear friend used to sing this song during college days- and we associate eachother with this song and so it has become synonymous with Friendship for me-

Tum mujhe yoon bhula na paaoge
Jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere
Sang sang tum bhi gungunaaoge…
( pagla kahin ka- Mohammed Rafi)

Best song portraying life’s emotions; about life, full of life

Zindagi milke bitaayenge hale dil gaake sunaayenge
Hum to saat rang hai
Yeh jahaan rangeen banaayenge
( Satte pe satta)

Ramayya Vastavayya (Shri 420)

Which song are you humming today?

Who lamhein who baatein
Koi na jaane
Thi kaisi ratein
Who bheegi bheegi yaadein…

One song which brings tears to your eyes

Tere mere milan ki yeh raina
Naya koi gul khilaayegi
Abhi to chanchal hai teri naina
Dekho na…
Nanha sa gul khilega angana
Sooni bayya sajegi sajna
( Abhimaan- Kishore Kumar, Lata)

A song which gives you hope, reason to try again and again, a reason to say that life is beautiful

Dukh bhare din beete re bhaiyya
Ab such aayo re
Rang jeevan mein naya laayo re
( Mother India)

When you want to be with yourself, silent and content but with music, with song would that be?

Saanjh dhale gagan tale
Hum kitne ekaaki

If you have to express your love for someone with a song which would that be

I’ve many songs for this situation:

Hamein tum se pyaar kitna
Yeh hum nahin jaante
Magar jee nahin sakte tumhare bina

Na jiya laage na
Tere bina mera kahin
Jiya laage naa…

Chalo dildaar chalo
Chand ke paar chalo
Hum hai tayyar chalo
( Paakeeza)

Bahon mein chale aao..
Ho, hum se sanam kya parda
( Anamika)

Five songs which you listen to the most

Very difficult to limit these to 5:

Abhi na jaao chhodkar
Ki dil abhi bhara nahin
( Hum Dono- Mohammed Rafi, Asha)

Piya bina piya bina baasiyaan ( Abhimaan)
Roz roz daali daale
kya likh jaaye bhavra...baavra
( Angoor)

Megha chaayi aadhi raat …( Sharmilee- Lata)

Mil gayi aaj do lehrein kuchh is tarha
Ab na manzil mile to koi gam nahin
(Yeh Vaada Raha)


yet another1 said...

hey, all lovely songs!


paddy said...

just thinking about most of these songs makes me feel happy...

V N said...

tum mujhe yoon bhula na paaoge... is a perennial fav of mine, as well. thx for reminding me of this long lost gem...