Thursday, September 21, 2006

Display of Affection

Atul asked in his latest blog :

“Can you love to the point of embarrassing the one you love?”

And this set me thinking- I’ve always thought of myself as someone who has often embarassed a few people with my love- not love exactly but with my display of affection. During my younger days, I had absolutely no qualms in expressing my affection. During the initial years of my mariage too, I was the same- with my new family members. But I could see that they were not used to such external display of affection- they were caught unawares- they were non plussed- and didn’t know how to react sometimes- tho I felt that they were pleased still- just that they did not know how to react- and slowly with the passage of years, I lost my ability to express as I used to- it was so gradual a change that I myself did not notice. And now when someone hugs me- I’m taken by surprise- and though I like the spontaneity of the gesture- I realise I don’t know how to react!

For me , there have been moments when literally I’ve felt so much love that I cant contain it- and I feel choked in a strange way- simply becos I’ve lost touch with how to express my overflowing emotion- I sill am able to express my affection with the people who are closest but with the people just beyond this innermost circle - I’m no longer able to- I’m afraid of embarassing them- and yes, I miss not being able to express it.


Atul Sabnis said...

ardra, yes, this would have been a long comment :-P

my experience was interesting because of how i feel abt displaying affection. i dont think there is anything wrong in embarrasing - its a personality thing. For me, it was embarrasing - but to know how much someone loves, respects and admires you - is a different and a unique feeling :)

starry nights said...

I think its good to express your emotion bbecause it makes you feel better. some people are able to express their love better than others.