Wednesday, March 15, 2006


When I was reading the various posts on the Blanknoise project, I had no intention to post one on my own. Because, for one thing, I had moved on…
and another thing I did not want to speak out such a thing in a public forum…

But then at some point, I felt I had to, because:
  • The most important thing was to speak out and not remain silent.
  • Felt that the furore of the blogs was making a difference in some way- there were several comments to the effect that they had not realized this was such a rampant phenomenon- I felt the increasing awareness among both men and women would make a difference-
  • Wanted parents to be extra careful about their kids- about who is chaperoning them- abt making them aware, teaching them to react, to take the necessary action if necessary without feeling guilty, to recoup… and to be able to avoid if possible-
  • Parents play an important role in bringing up their sons with the right values, teaching them to respect women as individuals- to respect womanhood…

And to my friends who expressed their concern and affection, I can only assure them that I’m fine- don’t worry.. :-)


Alapana said...

And you did the brave thing and i am proud of you my friend,It takes a lot of courage to speak out and you did the same.

parikrama said...

Hi Ardraa,

Didn't comment on Ur earlier post coz I felt words would have been really superficial.

Take Care

Anonymous said...


Im glad you got this out of your system and did yourself a favour.

Really glad and happy for you! Hopefully the bygone incident wont haunt you as much as it hopefully slides away into the forgotten.

aria said...

Hey Ardra
I know what you mean ..
It takes lot of courage to come out and speak up ... I remember when I lodged an FIR once regarding something similar even the policeman told me to change my statement coz it might affect my "reputation" .. This is the society we live in .. I have loads of bitterness - like every woman who has perhaps endured worse stuff than me. Unless we talk abt this how they know - who probably are unaware of such things n the trauma it brings.

I'm happy you have moved on .. and I'm sure mothers like you would definitely make a much needed difference in our society.

The Individualist said...

Hmm I can understand. The chitthappa, the depraved soul that he was, proved unwittingly that even the worst of men have a conscience that might imprison them even if erring men around them failed to. Humanity eventually, always, wins. But its true. Every girl that I know of, and that I've heard of has undergone a similar experience. Some more flimsier. And some less so. But affected, all the same.