Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kenjum Salangai....

When I heard that a new teacher had shifted to our colony and she was teaching Bharathanatyam, I thought that perhaps, finally I would get the oppurtunity to dance wear the salangai/ghunghroo aftera long time...

After much hesitation, I summoned the courage to visit her and make enquiries about the classes- and she asked me who was the student- I smiled apologetically said that I was making enquiries for enrolling myself! She was not taken aback, but she said she was taking classes only for school children and would not be able to accomodate me- because she had other classes- Yoga,Craft and she was also working as a choreographer for someTV channel- I came away crestfallen-

I had believed myself to have overcome many disappointments and am mostly contented with what Life has offered me- but as I returned home that day, I realized that I had expected to be able to learn dancing yet again…It did occur to me that wasn’t I too old to still nurture hopes of dancing again? But then where Art is concerned is age a factor? I just want to let go and dance away uninhibitedly to awesome lyrics like “Krishna Nee begane baaro, “enna thavam seythene Yashoda..

I was not keen on going on stage- I only wanted to indulge in my intense passion for Dance…may be Dance has been erased from my Destiny… OK fine, if You’ve not intended it for me anymore…what choice do I have in the matter…May be I’m asking for too much?? I submit myself to Your will…

ennatavam seydanai yasOda (
22 kharaharapriya janya
Aa: S R2 M1 P N3 S
Av: S N2 D2 N2 P M1 G2 R2 S
taaLam: aadiComposer:
Paapanaasam Shivan
Language: Tamil

enna tavam sheidanai yasOdA
engum nirai parabhrammam
ammAvenr-azhaikka(enna tavam)

IrEzu bhuvanangaL paDaittavanaik-kaiyil Endi
shIrATTi pAlUTi tAlATTa nI (enna tavam)

caraNam 1
bhramanum indranum manadil porAmai koLLa
uralil kaTTi vAi pottik-kenjavaittAi tAyE(enna tavam)

caraNam 2
sanakAdiyar tava yOgam sheidu varundi
sAdhittadai punita mAdE eLidil pera (enna tavam)

What penance was it that Yashoda performed..
That she was destined to be your Mother?
That He who is the Lord of The Universe called her "amma"

she who was the chosen One to
hold You, caress You, feed You
You who created the Universe...

If Even Lord Brahma, Lord Indra envies her...
She who tied Him to the mortar,
She who bid Him to silence
She who had Him beg for mercy..
Then what can one say about you and me?
Indeed what penance did She perform- she Yashoda...

Saints and Rishis have undergone severe penances
to get a glimpse of Him...
And she a simple, pious woman attained this Supreme Blessing so easily?
What penance is it that Yashoda performed
That he called her "amma"....


aria said...

I used to dance Kathak when I was in school but coz my dad kept getting tranferred all the time I couldn't pursue it properly n then just lost it. Now often in dreams I see myself dancing again but I have the same inhibition tht probably its too late to start again. Could really relate to it.

Such a beautiful composition in tamil. Thanx for translating it.

sinusoidally said...

Ardra, you must take lessons especially since you feel so strongly about starting again. I am sure if you looked around and did good research you will find a place for adult students. :-)

You have my full encouragement.

bharath said...

really liked this. nice one ardra. one of my fav (of his many) is "amba nee irangayenil pugal edhu?" :)

btw: u can have email notification of comments. so u know when someone leaves a comment on your old blogs.

bharath said...

(voice from heaven) Oh, you are not going to disappoint Me are you? my kuzhandhai? You should find your way to learn dancing again :)

--now that asiriri has said it, don't make silly excuses and make the next step :P

Usha said...

Very beautiful song. What a joy it must have been to mother "engum nirai parabrahmam"?
I get teh same feeling when I hear "bhavayami gopala balam " too..

Swanima said...

Lovely post. Touched me in more than one way. I am a big fan of Bharatnatyam too and have always wanted to learn dance, but since I grew up in a remote place, there was no chance. Now that I am in US, I am looking around for teachers in my town, not found any yet :( I can relate to your passion for dance, the desire to learn dance again! I am sure you will be able to find a class in Chennai! That's one place with so many cultural events happening.

I love the song, " Enna Thavam " too. I love every line of this. Love this even more now that I yearn for a child, in fact, have been yearning for quite some years.