Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Best Gift!

I had been feeling slightly melancholic that day- the climate was also very conducive to my state of mind- besides my elder puttar was burning with fever- and so the day had all the elements of a perfect bleak day! There was nothing in particular to look forward to- at that point I wanted nothing more than that my son recover fast- Moreover there was the flood alert too-

And then came the phone calls, followed by a blog and the ensuing wishes- from then on I was beginning to see the silver lining of the clouds- It is very difficult to remain untouched after such a thoughtful gesture- In spite of having read and still reading about how to try to look beyond the self, the ego, inspite of aspiring and trying my level best to arise above the ego- I found myself basking in the attention lavished upon me time and again by my friends- both Real and Virtual - and I’ve got to admit that its one of the Various Best feelings to bask in- I do miss it when sometimes there is a lapse, and so when on One day, one gets Dollops and Dollops of it- Well, how can I complain? And so I flung away without a care, the charade of equanimity that I’ve been painstakingly trying to cultivate and happily feasted on all the affection that came my way that day- and Was I grateful!

I’ve made several friends online- and some of them, I’ve been lucky to meet in real life too- and yet of late, there has been a marked decrease in terms of interaction quantitatively and qualitatively- and it had been dissappointing. I had been vaguely aware that most online friendships go this way- and yet, I knew I did not want to let that happen- now this is not always just in my hands- some of them reach out once in a way on their own, some of them respond when I reach out, and then there are those who do not respond even then- and that I confess hurts. The mail interaction had been prolific last year, which has now petered down to a trickle- a natural flow of online relationships- and so I miss the frequency and the warmth.

And so, on that one day, when I was overwhelmed with calls and wishes from so many friends- by mail, phone- and online msgs- Well, I could not have asked for a Better b’day Gift…and I’m grateful…

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Reshmi said...

hey ardra!

belated wishes for ur b'day. kinda missed it on dss :)