Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nothing to say...

Yea, the idea that tragedies happen to other people is fast fading- especially today technology has made the world so much smaller- when I first heard abt Katrina’s approach, my first thought was which of my virtual friends are around the area- and each time I see the News, read the paper, my thoughts immediately wander of to the people living there-

I remember when I first heard of Mumbai floods- I did not realize its impact- as the pictures on TV began to get increasingly disturbing I tried calling my cousin sisters who live there- I could not get through to two of them , while the third had just reached how after wading thru chest deep slush and water for 3 hours- as I held the phone to my ear speechless, a choke in my throat thinking about my little sister in that situation, I was alarmed- that she had reached home safely and I was now talking to her dawned on me only a couple of moments later- she told me how terrified she had been- how her 4 year old son was at the play school- how there was no news of her husband- how she was chanting prayers aloud as she waded through the murky waters holding the hands of 2 of her colleagues- I had no words to say- except thank The Almighty in my mind for looking after her that day.

And whenever I saw the frantic messages being flashed on TV by anxious relatives enquiring abt their near and dear ones marooned in Mumbai- I cannot describe the thoughts that ran through my mind… one is utterly helpless – and recently there has been such a spate of disasters one after the other- it is simply nerve wracking- the tsunami- the floods- now Katrina, and one building after the other seems to be falling to the ground in Mumbai- one is afraid to read the papers-

And like a friend said,

But life will go on, the fallen will get up and walk again, firstslowly then with a faster pace. The resilience of human-beings, as always will prevail.

Sometimes, when I think of the distant future when we will all have been gone from this world- and the magnitude of the present is reduced to zilch- then where does the present devastations, pains, fears and sorrows figure? Why? Why? Why?

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