Saturday, January 01, 2005

Life - A Jigsaw puzzle?

Life is a conundrum- an enigma. The tapestry of life is like a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes, everything seems to be falling in place, and at other times in a quandary. Sometimes there are no unanswered questions, no dilemmas, the soul is in peace. At other times, the soul is impaled by spear like questions, to which one seeks answers. But answers, there are not. Where does this path that one trudges on take one to? If one were a lone traveler, perhaps, it would not have mattered. Though in the larger picture, each one of us is alone, in the microframe, we have co travelers. If one falters, there are others who may trip, so one has got to be alert.One cannot falter. One cannot let others trip and fall.

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