Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Elegy to a friendship

there was a friend…
there was/is a friendship…
the friendship was born ,
nurtured with care and fun…
slowly, steadily with time…

thoughts aligned, emotions aligned
ideas shared, memories shared
solace, warmth reigned…

and such was the cocoon of friendship
comfy and secure
ideal, innocent and true…

Alas! Nemesis fell!
A crack appeared!
A fateful moment
The die was cast

one fateful day
pain shared, venom spilt
image shattered
weakness exposed
the harm was done

the wedge was invisible
the break was slow
at first escaped notice
then the doubts peeped
surely,something was amiss?
By the time it dawned
It was too late
The crack was deep…

no questions asked
no answers offered
what was there
just no longer is…

today what remains
is a pale shadow..
no anger, no bitterness
but no warmth either…

just an ache, a hollow
for what had been
but there is no going back

the crack is there
the jagged edge tears
the pain is silent
the scar shows…

but then there are memories…
kind and warm…

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